our services

  1. Car lockout: This service involves opening a locked car when the keys are locked inside or lost.
  2. Car key duplicate: This service involves creating a duplicate copy of a car key.
  3. Car key cutting and programming: This service involves cutting and programming a new key for a car.
  4. Smart key for push button ignitions: This service involves creating a new smart key for a car that uses push-button ignition.
  5. Lost all keys: This service involves creating new keys for a car when all original keys are lost.
  6. Car key extraction: This service involves removing a broken or stuck key from a car’s lock.
  7. Broken car key: This service involves repairing or replacing a broken or damaged car key.
  8. PCM/BCM program: This service involves programming the powertrain control module (PCM) or body control module (BCM) in a car.
  9. Cutting key by key code: This service involves cutting a new key using the key code that comes with the car.
  10. Keyless entry remote programming: This service involves programming a new keyless entry remote for a car.
  11. Upgrading old style keys to a new style: This service involves replacing old keys with new, more advanced keys.
  12. European car keys programming: This service involves programming keys for European car models.

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